Presence is a direct portal to your potential and source.
You grow through focused engagement and truth.

Exploring your inner landscape is paramount to freedom.
Point your compass toward vulnerability and change.

Cynthia Najim

Your guide to core transformation & fulfillment

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November 4-5

The Chime of Change

A Home for your Soul Conference
Orlando, Florida

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Cynthia symbolizes fluid change and guides other through this liberating process.

Having lived in 16 locations across 6 countries, she considers change a close companion. Each move spawned shifts in abode, relationship, career, culture, opportunity, perspective, and often language.

Cynthia creates experiences that seed transformation. Exploring fears, insecurities, and the empowerment of vulnerability. Awakening dormant dreams and the sacred. Imagining purpose and the path forward. Cynthia leads with vision and heart. She draws upon the soul’s journey, dreams, past lives, and intuition.

Amidst the scenic wilds of Northern New Mexico, Cynthia is developing a series of new programs and writing her book The Descent to Freedom.


Cynthia's writings

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The Descent to Freedom is slated for release in 2018.

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